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I'm a homesick girl from Mumbai, a shopaholic :), an arts lover, an engineer by profession and now an experimental cook (after marriage)

As a young girl I was hardly into cooking, I actually got interested after I had to leave the comforts of my parent’s house and had a kitchen to run on my own, that’s when I really started to develop an interest in cooking and collecting recipes. And that is when I decided to document my recipes in an effort to avoid constant calls back home to my Mom for recipes

I never knew I possessed this passion for cooking until I started cooking.
Back home, I used to cook for fun, which turned to be a necessity now. It's said necessity is father of all the inventions :) True for my kitchen experiments too.

Come join me in my kitchen for some fusion, some Authentic Indian and some invention cooking.

I'm so pleased to share with you all that my blog recently got accepted at Kindle Blog Publishing :)
here is the link

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