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Nivea Pure Effect Total Face Cleanup-Review

Written By Unknown on Thursday, December 25, 2014 | December 25, 2014

It’s my first review  for Nivea Pure Effect Total Face Cleanup . I tried this recently and found it amazing.It can basically be used as a face wash, a scrub as well as a mask and it does all that in like in 5 minutes.
A long list of chemicals has been mentioned on the pack.
Rs. 99 for 50 ml
Regime as mentioned:
Step 1: Apply the product to moistened face by smoothly massaging in upward circles focusing on forehead, nose & chin, avoiding the eye area.
Step 2: Spread evenly across face & leave for 3-4 minutes.
Step 3: Rinse off with lukewarm water to get the perfect complexion.
It feels like a thin non-creamy mask, which has these very tiny particles that work as a scrub. You are supposed to apply it all over your face, scrub and then spread it evenly like a mask. It dries up in about 3 minutes and then you can wash it off with lukewarm water and you are good to go.It works real good and leaves your skin soft and smooth

This is a good  product is for people with Normal to Oily skin. If you  have dry skin  you might experience certain amount of dryness.
All in all, a super product especially if you are looking for a 5 Minutes Face Cleanup session at home 


  1. Leaves your skin fresh clean and soft.
  2. Very gentle.
  3. Very economical.
  4. Travel friendly.
  5. Good for people with Oily skin.
  1. list of chemicals.

Would I repurchase/ recommend Nivea Pure Effect Total Face Cleanup?
Yes, I would. 
Have a nice day. Stay beautiful..


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