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Karwa Chauth

Written By Unknown on Monday, October 17, 2011 | October 17, 2011

Karwa Chauth Moon

Karwa Chauth is an ancient Indian tradition celebrated by married Indian women who fast from sunrise to moonrise for the longevity and health of their husbands.

When I was single, I often asked my mother why she would do such a thing when men don’t fast for their wives.My feminist side couldn't understand it. But now I married I kept this fast for Shivam.I feel Shivam doesn't have to fast for me because his fast is found is everyday small things that mean so much.

Shivam knows about my food habits and things I like to eat, so he would make sure that my fridge is stocked up with those, his afternoon calls to check whether I had my lunch.and many of his caring ways,which always reminds me of his love .So In my own little way I would want to say him I appreciate his caring ways :)

It was my first Karwa Chauth this Saturday, I got call from my mother a day earlier as what I should be doing , she was of the view if its too tough for me to keep the fast I can do it by having water , tea and fruits :)

Saturday morning I made my favorite food Rajma ( of course for the evening :) ) and the we went off for shopping for our winter clothes .I guess it was because of shopping spree I could withstand my hunger.

When we came back home in evening I made Suji Halwa , I had decided to wear a green Saree from my marriage so after 3 trail attempts I could wear it correctly in the fourth one :) then I did my prayers ,after seeing moon we both had dinner..Shivam got me Pizza ( one of my favorite ) and cake too

I had a nice first Karwa Chauth.

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  1. thats a sweet first karwa chauth you had surbhi.

    you too have a cute space here. thanks for visiting my blog and your positive comments.